Logo Design

It’s more than just buying a logo. You’re investing in your brand.

Logos are the first step in a long line of creative processes that define your company’s outward appearance. Our design process is driven by a local team of designers with experience in various styles and spans across any industry you can think of.

The logos that we create for clients are 100% unique designs, built from scratch, and result in a masterpiece that you can use to proudly present your visual brand identity. We don’t use shortcuts, templates, or clip-art. Just straight creation.

We approach your logo design by proceeding only after a discussion with the client to assess long term goals and ideas. This is an investment in how you will represent yourself out in the market place. At Wellborn Sign Company, we want to make sure that your logo offers you a sound return on that investment.

Your business’ first impression is usually your logo. Most of your customer’s long term memory is going to correlate with their memory of that logo and what it represents to them. We know what it takes to make a business look good. At the end of the day, you need experts to help you put a face on your company.

Our experienced team of graphic designers understand the significance of creating a distinctive identity in markets where many of your competitors are likely going the DIY route. That makes it even more important that we are here to help you. When done right, your logo is a powerful magnet for attracting your ideal clients and customers.

Our Logo Design Process

Our process is as simple and clean as our designs are. Your logo will be custom designed based on your criteria. Our goal is to give you a high-quality custom logo design for a reasonable price.

At Wellborn Sign Company, our pledge to you is that we won’t be taking any shortcuts, reusing clipart or templates like other “logo designers” you’ll find locally. Each and every design is created with you, the client, in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a logo?
Your logo is the pinnacle representation of your business’s brand. It becomes an easily identifiable that aids in keeping your business in front-of-mind for potential new customers.
What is vector format and why do I need it for my logo?
A vector format digital image is made of lines and shapes referred to as “Bezier curves” instead of pixels. By using this particular format, you will be able to infinitely resize your logo without a loss of resolution. It also makes your logo design more crisp when viewing on screen and cleaner on your marketing materials.
Will I own the copyrights to my design?
Of course! Once the design is finalized and paid for, you own it!

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